Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law – Negotiation vs. LitigationCollaborative Law - Milburn Family Law

Collaborative law offers a team of professionals: legal, financial, and psychological that can aid the parties in their decision making by focusing on issue resolution. Collaborative family law allows the couple to reach a fair and equitable settlement and resolve differences using a team of professionals committed to helping the couple discover what will work best for their family in the post divorce era. Collaborative attorneys are trained mediators in interest-based negotiation.

Collaborative Law uses this team of trained professionals who help the couple focus on their long term goals for their family, as they navigate through an extremely stressful time.  It often involves complex financial issues along with all the emotional issues the parties are facing. The outcome holds significant consequences for the party, and the family’s future.

This is “win-win” negotiation as opposed to the “win-lose” litigation. The professional team helps the parties work productively to discover what are their best options and then to reach agreements that will work for both of the parties. Collaborative law allows the parties to avoid the drawn out stressful and expensive process of adversarial litigation. This process helps to protect the children from some of the most devastating aspects of their parents’ divorce.