Collaborative Law
Collaborative Law

Divorce is extremely stressful time for the parties and also for the parties’ children. It often involves complex financial issues along with all the emotional issues the parties are facing.


A mediation will usually save both parties thousands of dollars in legal fees in addition to preventing even further deterioration of the relationship between the parties.


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Where a Peaceable Process is a Priority

Before you hire a family law attorney, make sure you understand your options.  Decisions about your family should not be made in a courtroom.

For the past 30 years, I have provided the highest quality of legal services available to my clients in the following areas of my expertise: Dissolution of marriage, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division claims; adoption, paternity, and pre-nuptial.

I specialize in various methods of the divorce process. Collaborative Law and Mediation are two of these methods. Both Collaborative Law and Mediation are important to me as it allows a husband and wife to mutually work through the divorce process, thereby resolving issues together and setting an example of conflict resolution that will be a valuable tool in learning to work together as parents after the divorce.

Mediation or Collaborative Divorce help couples in Laguna Beach:

  • Consider their children’s needs
  • Promote peaceful resolution and is non-adversarial
  • Preserve the family’s financial resources
  • Expedite the process
  • Dissolve the marriage, but not the family

Proven experience

With my years of experience in family law, I have striven to bring about the best results for my clients as I help them navigate through this difficult time with integrity, understanding, and expedience. Your family is important to us and we have committed ourselves to serve our client’s need, as well as their children’s needs.